Spa Isbell is a full-service salon and day spa in the Historic Lower Garden District of New Orleans.


1245 Magazine Street (map)
New Orleans, LA 70130

(504) 595-5009  vcard


Tue, Wed, Fri 9a – 6p
Thursday 10a – 8p
Saturday 9a – 5p


Swedish Massage
30 minutes - $60  /  60 minutes - $85  /  90 minutes - $120
Swedish massage is a more traditional version of massage. Long gentle strokes are used, generally with the therapist's palms or forearms, to relax and soothe. This is usually a full body approach to massage.


Deep Tissue Massage
30 minutes - $70  /  60 minutes - $95  /  90 minutes - $130
Deep Tissue massage is a more popular version of massage. It can be a full body approach or customized to fit your needs. Along with long soothing strokes to warm up the superficial tissues, muscle stripping and cross fiber fractioning are negotiated to underlying postural forming muscles. This form of massage is generally used for acute and chronic pain relief.


Pregnancy Massage
30 minutes - $60  /  60 minutes - $85  /  90 minutes - $120
Pregnancy Massage is specially designed to soothe and relax the expecting mother. Specific bolstering techniques are used to ensure that you are comfortable. Massage in any form should not be done if any complications exist.


Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes - $100  /  90 minutes - $135
Allow the soothing warmth of heated, river-worn basalt stones to melt away the stresses of your everyday life. The stones are heated to an ideal temperature then placed on specific areas of your body and through long, deep massage strokes, bring you to a profound state of relaxation.



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